jolie laide

jolie laide

I started this when I lived in Brooklyn and struggled for grace in a city that grants moments of beauty and ugliness breathtakingly close to one another. Now I live in a place where things are a different kind of ugly and the beauty is pedestrian. I struggle with that.


I see something beautiful, then I see something ugly.
The day starts out cold and drizzly, then the sun breaks through on reddening ivy.
A man on the subway platform yells something horrible and vulgar at me, then the woman next to me on the train is achingly beautiful.
I meet a stranger's eyes and smile and his face does not change, I meet a stranger's eyes and smile and he grins back.
The sun is going down, lemon colored through butter leaves and now I must find my way home.


Blogger cherrydragonut said...

Hi Jolie Laide!
I'm going to tell you a story.
Once upon a time, there was a giggly girl who liked to eat sweets and express herself. She liked thinking and she dreamed in living color. She was really shy and her teacher called her a chatterbox. She liked to think outloud. She was pretty transparent but it didn't matter. She had nothing to hide. And her candor was part of who she was. She fell really hard for a guy who put silence first, as the most important thing, a guy who made a conscious effort not to smile (at her, she wondered? or at everyone?) because he wanted his face to look a certain way. He wore sunglasses when he yelled at her, "I put you here and I can take you out!" She never trusted him. "He was evil," her mother said. But the girl continued to love him. And she loved him with all her heart. And the guy vowed to surround himself with neo-nazis, and the girl knew that she couldn't stick around, but she missed him so, and wanted his attention still, more than anybody's. This wasn't a free man. He regretted his words, feared they were boomerangs. And her love for him kept her apart.

10:54 AM  
Blogger remue-menage said...

jolie laide

I see only pretty through your prism

you are quicksilver, you are time's bubbling spring

I'm always inspired

so I always come back

I need light in my life

4:00 PM  
Blogger ttractor said...

r-m, I started to reply to this, but it became my post for today...

6:53 PM  

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